Our Services

Founded in 1997, Frasca & Associates, a certified WBE in many US jurisdictions, is dedicated to helping clients establish "best in class" financial practices, enabling them to provide superior services to their constituents and customers in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Financial Advice for Transportation and General Municipal Clients

  • Bonded indebtedness program structuring and evalutation
  • Capital markets pricing advice
  • Strategies for alternative financing options, including refundings, fixed rate, variable rate, hybrid, public and private structures
  • Rating agency strategies
  • Financial feasibility assessment
  • Documentation, pre-sale, marketing, pricing, distribution, and allocation of bond issues
  • Reinvestment of proceeds
  • Innovative project financings
  • Development of debt issuance and management policies
  • Evaluation and analysis of credit structures for new and existing financings
  • Green initiatives

Public/Private Partnerships

  • Strategic Management Advisory Services
  • Procurement Delivery Options
  • Value for Money Analysis
  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Development of Requests for Qualifications and Proposals
  • Procurement Process Management
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Business Strategy and Financial Modeling
  • Innovative Financial and Debt Advisory
  • Transaction Financial Structuring
  • Lease, Contract and Concession Agreement Negotiation

Strategic Planning

  • Creation and/or evaluation of business plans
  • Development of mission statements and goals
  • Evaluation of governance alternatives
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Lease strategies and negotiation support
  • Pro forma cash flow modeling
  • Rates and charges strategies and modeling (transportation)
  • Financial modeling, risk assessment, planning and analysis
  • Capital budgeting and planning
  • PFC and AIP, grant program applications (airports)
  • Federal and state grant and loan program applications
  • Development of multi-year operating budgets and performance management programs to monitor the effectiveness of spending initiatives
  • Retail concession development and evaluation
  • Financial accounting and management system evaluation